Booking Solution

We provide a 360-degree complete Booking Solution with the state of the art technology

Complex Booking

Advanced Search & Filters

Filter anyhow by any parameter

Filtering by check-in/out dates, location, budget, availability, extra services, and more.

Present search results as catalogs

Display catalogs as Grid, List, Masonry, etc. and show two Listings on one map.

Custom Pages with Dynamic Data

Booking Forms & Calendar

Streamline the booking experience

Collect all the guest details you need through a neat form and allow them to add the booked period to the calendar.

Choose to create a single / multi-step form

Add a step indicator

Embed the availability calendar

Set up automatic calculations

Add a +1 Guest information block

Backend Booking Settings

Set Rates

Adjust how the total price will change based on the number of adults and children. Implement auto-deductible discounts to checkout and motivate the guest to stay longer.

Integrate payment options

Add payment options galore and apply a WooCommerce checkout to your site.

Sync bookings via third-party services

Automate bookings through Google Calendar, Integromat, Zapier, and iCal.

Subscribe to mailing Lists

Subscribe users to ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, or MailChimp mailing lists.

Multivendor Booking Functionality

Registration forms for various user roles

Add extra fields and elements to the registration form to cover the sign-up for various user roles.

Manage different User Roles

Create custom user-editable profiles

Property ads management

Let the hosts add their property ads to your hotel booking system via a clear-cut form.

Create My Account page for hosts

Moderate & display posts on the site

Add any custom fields to the "Add Property" form

Get notified about New / Edited Posts

Connect hosts & guests directly

Add extra fields and elements to the registration form to cover the sign-up for various user roles.

Allow guests to upload media files

Build a Contact form to optimize communication


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