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Appointment Solution

Booking an appointment shouldn’t be complicated, that’s why we've got you covered

Example with Medical Appointment

Department & Doctor Singles

All single pages for your medical center website created & stored in one place.

Single template for posts

Modify the pre-set parameters and apply them site-wide freely—the template is that versatile. All attributes will be pulled out from the backend automatically.

Custom fields

All the necessary meta boxes for the medical center webpages are set for further work.

Custom Post Types

Find the pre-made custom post types, all ready to be categorized. Add “Career Guidelines,” “Certificates” and other vital details to your website pages.

Departments and Doctor’s Catalogs

Advertise the available doctors and departments through a responsive frontend architecture.

Archive templates

Pre-designed yet fully customizable templates for departments and medical staff pages. Add the ready-made Header & Footer and Advanced Map to complete the core website design.


All specifications and parameters for the advertised providers and services are fine-tuned on the backend and can be pulled to the client side through Dynamic widgets.

Listing Grids & Layouts

Inside the MedCenter template, you’ll find Listing Grids for “Medical Staff” and “Our Services.” It is also easy to form new content categories and display them within different layouts.

Appointment Functionality

Booking an appointment shouldn’t be complicated, that’s why we've got you covered.

Multi-step forms

We’ve implemented the page breakers to separate the Form blocks and give clients more leeway to think over each step.

Custom field templates

Tune the front-end display of the advertised doctors and departments using custom templates for the Provider and Service fields.

Single-page booking

No need to redirect patients to the only booking form on the site. This template lets them book both from Provider and Service single pages.

Appointment layouts

Thanks to the Listing Grid and Dynamic Field widget, you can readily output the essential appointment details.

Appointment Core Setup

Every booking routine aspect is tuned to deliver smooth frontend exposure.


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